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What is it?

Resiliency4Life is based on the science of Positive Psychology and demonstrates that we can build several core resources that prevent the effects of excessive or prolonged stress from even taking hold in many cases. It is:

  • An evidence-based self-coaching program you access online
  • Self-paced
  • Fun and practical

Who Benefits?

Law Enforcement Agencies whose mission is to improve the mental health and physical well-being of its members in the following ways:
  • Potentially increase their life span by years
  • Increase their resistance to stress and subsequent physical illness, including the number one killer of police officers: premature heart disease
  • Build resistance to poor life choices and habits such as drug and alcohol abuse
  • Bolster positive personal and work relationships


What Do Others Say?

"I love the great science behind the concepts...made me realize we really do need this (in our organization)...practical applications...fast results."

"Gave specific facts about how we operate...how our mental outlook affects us physically...easy to learn with clear practical tools to apply."

"I have begun to see improved relationships in my department and at home. Thank you."

"As a commander, I am very heartened by the many spontaneous comments from participants. Even some of the most hard-nosed described the program as 'very worthwhile'. I love that it was self-directed and easy for participants to schedule."

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About Us

Built on forty five years of industry experience, Mindability programs have been successfully used by leading hospitals, mental health centers, government agencies, aging adult individuals ranging from college students to mature adults.

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