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The Road Map To Peace Of Mind:

A proven bridge between the science of human behavior and everything you do

Who Can Benefit from the Mindability 'The Road Map To Peace Of Mind' Program?

Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Managed Care Programs, Insurance Firms, High Risk Professionals, Small Businesses, Government Agencies, Global 2000 Companies, And Individuals

What do Mindability clients think about ‘The Road Map To Peace Of Mind’ Program?

“…Everyone believes that the work being done with 'Road Map to Peace of
Mind' will make a difference for our patients and provide for consistency across
the continuum at our hospital system... Thank You again for all you are doing.”
                                            CEO, Leading Healthcare Network

“Clear, simple, and effective tool to teach otherwise lengthy and complicated material.”
                                            Counselor, LPC/Recognized Medical Center

“The Road Map is making a difference in our patients’ lives.”
                                             MS-NL, RN/Nation's Top 10 Medical Centers

The Road Map To Peace Of Mind is a key program within Mindability’s product portfolio. This proven, results driven program helps our clients win battles with stress, depression, generalized anxiety, and many other behavioral challenges facing them today. Learn more about Mindability’s multiple delivery options which include: Workshops, E-Learning, Train the Trainer, & Customized knowledge base instruments and tools.

When should you consider utilizing ‘The Road Map To Peace Of Mind’ Program?

  • If you are a patient who is undergoing stressful, life-altering medical conditions
  • If your employees are experiencing depression, anxiety, panic, anger or other emotional problems
  • If you are a caregiver experiencing the emotional or physical effects of personal, relationship, or
  • If you have general life stress

Where can I learn more about ‘The Road Map To Peace Of Mind’ Program?








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